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5 Must have for Winter

Are you shopping for winter? Do you want warm clothes and accessories for Winter? At Yala Garden, we have a complete collection of Woolen Handmade Products just right for you this winter.

Woolen products act as an insulating layer with its thickness and fabric that encapsulates the heat in your fabric. These layers will help you stay warm throughout the winter. 

5 must-have essentials for winter from the Yala Garden collection are:

Legs: Woolen Socks: Warm and Cozy 

These Soft and cozy socks can also double up as indoor slipper socks. Made from high-quality New Zealand wool, they'll keep your feet warm and comfortable in the cold winter. These yarns are dyed using the Eco-Friendly Swiss Clariant Color Dying process.

Hands: Gloves and Mittens: Purrfect for Winter

The Woolen gloves will not only keep your hands warm but can be used either as full hand Mittens or half hand glove – perfect for texting and mobility.  The Soft Wool from New Zealand is warm and cozy; smooth for your hand. The extra fleece lining adds to the features of the mitten.

Body: Woolen Handmade Cardigan: Style and Warmth 

The cardigan has double pockets to keep your hands warm which will also give you space to keep your valuables. The buttons in the cardigan help you retain the heat. The sleeveless design adds style to your outfit and can be worn with long shirts and t-shirts. The mixture of different colors and patterns make the cardigan distinct, a sure eye turner.

Head: Woolen  Sherpa Caps:

 The cap is lined with fleece for added softness, warmth and comfort- that’s right, no itchy feeling that you’d generally get in woolen caps.

Perfect for Autumn and Winters, it can be worn casually to uplift any fashion style. The cap also has 3-inch long ear flaps on both sides, attached to two multi-color braids, which accentuate the practicality and the overall look of the cap. cap.

Utility: Handmade Woolen Crochet Blankets:

Wrap Yourself in the Crochet Blanket in the cold shivery nights or use it as an extra layer while sleeping in winter or as the only layer in summer, you will stay warm and cozy. 

You can also use it on the floor to sit on and enjoy comfortably. 

The lightweight of the blanket makes it suitable to carry around while traveling or outing.

Stack on these 5 items and be ready for this winter. 

Stay Warm and Stylish this winter with handmade items from Yala Garden.

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