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7 benefits of handpicking handmade

Yala Garden brings to you 7 pros of buying handmade products.

Handmade products save us from the pollution created by the factories manufacturing shoes, clothes, and other various accessories. Handmade products save us from buying weak, fake, copied, products and also save us from spending on products that’ll barely last a week. While handmade has become the new cool, with people flaunting accessories or an entire outfit, which is designed with precision and amazing fit, the beauty and attention to detail are not the only bonus points of handmade items. Handmade items take a lot more time and effort than machine-made, mass-produced goods, but the output is always worth it. When we handpick handmade products, we’re helping a small business grow while also purchasing a much valuable item for ourselves. When it comes to handmade, you're not just buying the end product, you're buying the creativity, effort, work hours, and dedication of the artisan who puts a lot of love to combine the raw materials that produce a fine end product. 

Here are some benefits of handmade items that you would want to know to answer why you should invest more in handmade accessories, handmade bags, handmade shoes, handmade anything!

  • Handmade items are environment friendly

The handmade production process is way less wasteful when it comes to the utilization of raw materials. Handmade goods use less energy and use natural materials avoiding pollutants like plastic. The products are durable and also recyclable which is way less heavy on the environment when compared to machine-made goods. Handmade products hence are sustainable and environmentally friendly. 

  • Handmade products are unique and original

When it comes to handmade items, there's no one like another. Each product is unique and has its own qualities. There's no duplicate or replica because the design, the crafting, and effort cannot be replicated. There is no process or algorithm behind handmade goods, there’s just creativity, hard work, and love. These factors make each product unique and original, one of a kind. 

  • Buying handmade helps support local artists

When you buy handmade goods, you help in creating jobs. Handmade goods mostly support lower-income families where people earn based on their skilled artwork. People from backward communities who don't have fancy resumes, get to earn their daily meal when you buy handmade. 

  • Handmade products are comfortable and durable

Handmade products use typical, original, and good quality materials. The items are stitched in place with precision and great skill, which will last a long time. There is no stone left unturned when it comes to producing handmade products. The quality of materials used ensures utmost comfort and durability. 

  • Handmade goods have great attention to details

Made with hands, the products have an amazing finishing with great attention to detail. The stitch lines, arcs, curves, and patterns, which when looked at are really pleasant to the eyes. Handmade products are made based on skill and designs and not on the quantity of production, so you will find great attention to the details of the product. 

  • Buying handmade items promotes creativity and customization

Handmade items are made out of the talent and effort of the artisans. When we buy more of it, it gives them the platform to explore their creativity. When we buy handmade products, we applaud the skill of the craftsmen which further encourages them to explore more and bring out even more unique and beautiful products. 

  • Handmade products provide the value of money

Buying handmade goods means buying the love and care of someone for their art and passion. Buying handmade items means promoting the talent of artists. Handmade products are durable, unique, and comfortable, available in custom styles. And all of this ensures that you get maximum value for the money that you spend. While spending on handmade items, you are spending on greener Earth. By buying handmade products, you are supporting local families. The feeling of getting your needs fulfilled, while also doing something impactful, gives the greatest return on any sort of investment. So, Handmade goods give you the value of each penny you spend on them. 

At Yala Garden, we have a collection of handmade purses, earrings, bracelets, woolen socks, mittens, and other accessories, made skillfully by seasoned Yala craftsmen and craftswomen in Nepal. The products we have are unique, affordable, and made bespoke out of love and care to best fit your style. Check out our collection and join us in promoting handmade now that you know the benefits of it.

Author: Shreya Ghimire