Are Natural Products Natural? | Yala Garden

Are Natural Products Natural?

What do you call natural? 

Something that is obvious? 

Something that aligns with the environment? 

Something that is an art of creation? 

Something that feels associated with humans?

Well, as a brand promoting handmade environment-friendly products, with skilled artisans with the craft passed through generation, we are fascinated by the majesty of nature.

Nature encompasses anything and everything, the ever-changing system that regulates itself on such a massive scale beyond our comprehension, not even control!!!

Natural Products for us are the products that can be locally built without complex machinery or technologies which resonate with the people and the environment they live in. 

Products inspired by nature have been carried down with us through civilizations from jute to wool, hops to barley, bamboo to timber. 

Before the industrialization and the population boom, being produced locally, the natural products fulfilled the needs of family and communities with locally grown supplies and defining skills.

In Nepal, household products like Doko(Carrying Basket), Dali(Copper Storage),  Pashmina, Dhaka, (Local Fabric) Chakras are some of the handcrafted products that have lived past 10s of generations. 

Similarly, in the Newar culture as well as other Nepalese culture the art of knitting, stitching by mothers and grandmothers for their children and grandchildren are common. It may be cute handkerchiefs, or warm caps and gloves. 

Made with love, the detailing, and effort given is immense. The raw materials would either be produced at home or bartered in the society, all without iterative and distributive mundane (yet cost and time effective) process. 

Every community has its own set of skills that defines them and is an art that is done as a tradition, livelihood, and identity. Being passed down through generations, the diverse range of art is intact to some extent. 


Did You Know? Mad Honey Hunters of Nepal is as much “primary” job as it is thrill(embraced risk).

At Yala, we are working closely with the local communities, encompassing housewives, grandmothers, to passionate learners that love what they do and are excited for every happiness they can bring to the person who owns their creation. 

The process does not include batch processing or parallel processing, for every product is created with uniqueness and great details, just like we are. 

Check Out the Diverse Collection of Handmade Products that are eco-friendly and crafted locally with natural and inherited skills in Nepal. 

We ship all over the USA! Embrace and Invite Nature and Natural Vibes to your life.