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Facts about Fairtrade Products and Business

In a world where every other person is dreaming about reaching new heights in terms of profits, fair trade has still managed to squeeze in and make significant space for itself. With fair trade, we as consumers of products ranging from a simple coaster to gold jewelry can be sure that the hands behind our handmade are paid fairly. Fairtrade has a number of advantages. Today, it has become our responsibility to check if the brands we are buying from or the products that we use, pay the people in developing countries that make them, enough to sustain a basic lifestyle and they're able to afford daily essentials like food and clothing, are able to develop skills and work in favorable working conditions.

The major reasons for companies to practice fair trade is for benefitting from recognition, demonstrating ethical behavior, good brand image, and long term relationship with suppliers, among various other advantages. We as customers also need to know some of the basic facts and figures to support our belief that we’re actually doing good while checking for a fairtrade logo while buying the tiniest of stuff. 

Here are some Facts about Fairtrade Business and Products that you’d want to know, to save you from the guilt of paying extra on things you see the Fairtrade tag, because the candle that you buy which is certified of Fairtrade, not only lightens up your home but also that of the people who made it. 

  • While climate change has become a big issue today, Fairtrade helps to tackle the climate crisis because it ensures favorable working conditions, sustainable production and minimizes the use of chemicals. In order to sell fairtrade products, farmers have to ensure waste management, quality of water, soil, and so on.

  • When we look at the history of Fairtrade, earlier, Fairtrade Organizations traded mostly handicrafts because often handmade crafts provide supplementary income to families and are important to households headed by women who have limited employment opportunities. 

  • According to Fairtrade UK, Fairtrade today is a global organization with 73 countries and over 6000 products, 1.66 million farmers and workers in 1,411 producer organizations.

  • By buying Fairtrade, you're supporting local communities through a fairtrade premium that supports workers’ families. Over 40 million people are estimated to be in modern slavery around the world. Including 10 million children.

  • In 2018, over 825 million units of fair-trade flowers were sold, which made it the most loved Fairtrade product of all time. 

While we still have a long way to go when it comes to practicing Fairtrade and sustainable business, you as an aware consumer looking up fairtrade and its facts when you could be doing anything else is a step towards raising the Fairtrade business.
So next time you buy anything like a handknit mitten or a coffee, remember your warmth is ensuring that someone somewhere has a roof over their heads, next time you buy an accessory or a notebook, remember someone somewhere is getting access to education because you choose to buy it. Next time you spend on Fairtrade products, remember, it is always worth it.

At Yala Garden, we have a variety of fairtrade products like handmade purses, bracelets, earrings, gloves, and mittens, that help ensure that the people bringing smiles to your faces are smiling too. We believe in paying fair wages and that any kind of work deserves to be paid fairly.

Check out our collection, join us in supporting Fairtrade.

Author: Shreya Ghimire