Sustainable Fashion is the new Fashion

Sustainable fashion is the new fashion. 

The fashion industry is booming now more than ever with accessibility by millions and billions of people to products of different quality and celebrities and influencers that flaunt it. 

The pace at which it is moving forward is also drastic with the advent of social media. 

But what is bound to stay? Sustainable Fashion. 

Generally, it indicates the fashion choices that impact less on the earth and the environment. 

The consciousness towards the impact of your fashion is relatively new but it's a good thing that is getting support from general audiences and influencers and celebrities alike. 

One of such wizard is Emma Watson. 

One with the magical spells, Emma Watson is the leading advocate for green sustainable fashion as well as the empowerment of women and children. 

She has time and again associated with different sustainable brands to promote their products and message. 

Did you know? Emma has a Green Carpet agreement with "good on you" that measures how eco-friendly and sustainable products are along with measures to create the least impact. 

She has managed to look elegant and gorgeous while remaining true to beliefs. 

Not only as of the wonderful wizard, but she is also an inspiration to all. 

We at Yala, as a sustainable brand, promoting handmade products, would love and be lucky to work with her. Definitely a goal!!! 

Do check out the Yala collection for a complete range of handmade products made in Nepal. 

Did you know? 

She has designed her own line of sustainable clothing with a brand like "People Tree" and has also been a special guest editor for Vogue's Australian sustainable issue. 

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