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Why Wool?

It’s winter time, time for heavy outfits and multiple layers to beat the cold winter blues? Are you looking to stackup for winter? If you are looking for the perfect fabric then it’s obviously wooleen and if you are looking for the perfect item it's certainly available at Yala Garden. 

Why Wool?

Among different fabrics suitable for winter, wool is one of the more breathable fabrics in addition to its high moisture absorbing abilities. The wool helps to maintain  your body temperature by wicking off the sweat off your skin and keep your dry. This allows the fabric to easily heat up or cool down. This also makes the fabric free from odor causing bacteria leading to no stinking. More wears and less laundry for you this winter.

Wool is the go to fabric for winter and with the use of New Zealand wool, woolen products from Yala are your best choice to stay warm and stylish this winter.

The Art and Craft of Woolen Products

The art of crafting woolen products, specifically knitting is a long inherited tradition and at Yala Garden we have a complete collection of handmade woolen products made in Nepal. These products are made in Nepal with love from local women who are skilled at their craft. 

Made with the NewZealand Wool, the fabric is not only warm but also soft and cozy. The quality of wool is the finest in the world which makes sure that your cloth remains durable for you. 

Moreover, Woolen products add style to your everyday wear.  Our woolen shop consists of products available in different colors, styles and patterns which matches your style and gives your style statement.  

Did you know? Each item available at Yala is handmade, which makes every product unique and one of a kind!!

Woolen Products available at Yala Garden: 

Made in the land of himalayas, we assure you that the woolen products at Yala will easily help you tackle the cold weather and last you throughout winters.  

Woolen products are also a good choice as a gift item for your friends or family this winter as a usable product as well as a collectible. 

  • Woolen Handmade Cardigan 
  • Gloves and Mittens 
  • Woolen Caps and Sherpa Caps
  • Woolen Socks: Warm and Cozy 
  • Leg Warmer: For the extra protection 

Check out our complete collection of woolen products handmade in Nepal and get the product you like.

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