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Bina Shrestha

Bina”, also a name of musical instrument means wise and far-sighted.

Born and Raised in Panauti, Nepal (32km southeast of the Capital City Kathmandu), Bina is sweet, wise and far-sighted for her ideas, beliefs and lifestyle.

Always fueled by desired to be successful in whatever career she chooses, Bina is fascinated by the invisible relationship between everything, the eternal connectedness, be it an animal, human, birds or all nature.

This has helped her be conscious of the environment and its protection. She says, “ I believe the existence of human in this earth is because of the favourable environment. So, its protection is most needed.” She believes in being one with nature.

Before being associated with Yala, she has had fair experience with locally crafted products, which were handcrafted with love by her mother for the family itself.

Using handcrafted and environment-friendly product is the least a person can do to give back to the community and in her kind words, “Yala is the best option if we want to protect our natural beauty by using the handcrafted product.

Bina loves makeup as much as she loves nature and culture. She says she wears makeup often and is conscious about her products. Conscious about her own style, she adds that society is also getting more conscious about style and statement.

Fashion for Bina is a big part of identity and style, and we concur with her.

Her gravitation towards fashion is convincing when she said “ Fashion is an art. One thing that pulled me towards fashion is, it defines who we are.

Bina is also aware of the social media boom and its impact on. She hopes to be part of the changing media. 

She believes, “Social media and fashion have grown to be one of the best collaborations to date. Social media has made easy access to fashion. And fashion has made social media even more popular among people.

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