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Puja Shrestha

Born and raised in the capital city of Nepal, Kathmandu, Puja finds everything about life fascinating. 

Puja, meaning prayer, she thinks the idea of existence in itself feels surreal. 

Having grown up in a family with a fashion background, she always wanted to be a fashion designer. She grew up as her parent’s fashion business grew. 

But being curious about life in itself, her interests kept changing a lot as she grew up. She wanted to be everything that caught her eye, but now she knows that it’s in the artistic areas, that she would like to create. 

Puja believes Fashion is important as it shows a character and personality usually. 

Puja is also aware of how social media has changed the fashion and lifestyle industry 

She thinks Social media has made a huge amount of noticeable impact on how people see and understand fashion. “I think that it is also one of the main reasons why these industries have become huge.”

Puja also loves to play around with makeup but nowadays she is more into skincare.

She thinks that everybody is different and they carry their own unique style. Some don’t care how they look whereas some would always be walking with their whole outfit on point. 

As a person interested in the fashion Industry, puja herself has always been conscious about what she wears and how she looks. She says “It’s like a habit. I wouldn’t go outside in public wearing whatever for sure.”

Not only fashion, but Puja is also conscious of the environment, community,  and culture. 

She never fails to do her part to preserve the environment even though she knows she cannot do a lot about it. 

She also finds many ways to give back to the community. She believes donating your time is more than writing a cheque. Having participated in blood donation, materials donation, she is always excited about being part of the social change.  

As a believer in hard work and the power of love, we at Yala resonated well with Puja. 

She loved the Yala value of empowering women and helping their cultural art to be recognized internationally. 

She added, “Yala provides it’s a customer with the love of unique handmade authentic products and also in return, gives back to the women of the community for their hard work and love. So, we couldn’t resonate more with each other.”

Having born in Nepal and having a lot of precious memories and people from Nepal, Nepal will always be close to her heart. However, she also remembers that the USA has been good to her and taught her a lot as well as helped understand life better.

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