Mang Green Slip-On - Yala Garden
Mang Green Slip-On - Yala Garden
Mang Green Slip-On - Yala Garden
Mang Green Slip-On - Yala Garden
Mang Green Slip-On - Yala Garden
Mang Green Slip-On - Yala Garden
Mang Green Slip-On - Yala Garden
Mang Green Slip-On - Yala Garden
Yala Garden

Mang Green Slip-On

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Standing out of the crowd never looked so traditionally stylish!


Yalagarden brings you Dochaa, bespoke handmade, traditionally designed, Nepali shoes. With your own pair of handmade Dochaa, you would be stepping into the shoes of the skilled local artisans in Nepal that found a platform to showcase their skills which otherwise, would've been unknown. 

Dochaa shoes are handmade and made out of authentic, polished, and sophisticated materials to reflect your individuality and the culture of Nepal. Dochaa shoes are the perfect blend of fine stitching, top-quality materials, and dedicated seasoned craftsmanship. 



Why buy handmade Dochaa shoes?


  • Dochaa shoes are of great quality. They are handmade out of handpicked materials of superlative standards by locally skilled artisans that ensure their top-notch condition of Dochaa. Dochaa shoes take time, effort, and creativity with a traditional touch to bring out the best quality of shoes.
  • Dochaa shoes are sophisticated. Shoes are said to be the foundation of an outfit. Stitched with great care and seasoned craftsmanship, Dochaa shoes have very fine finishing and are beautiful. Everything, right from the beginning, sewing in the welt, putting the sole, the stitching, and the finishing is done by hands to bring out sublime looks. They reflect the traditional touch, the effort of the artisans, and the value of handmade shoes.
  • Dochaa shoes are durable. It is made from high-quality materials and is stitched in place with utmost care so these pairs are going to last long. You will not have to worry about your shoes damaging and can just wash them to make them as good as new! The material is agile and won’t crack or split over a long period of time like with poor quality machine-made footwear.
  • Dochaa shoes are comfortable. These shoes do not lose their supportive abilities and just get better with time as they are made with good quality materials. They provide you unbeatable comfort, giving you the value of your money. There is tremendous attention to the craftsmanship and factors like foot shape, sizing, the arch, the instep, to ensure the level of comfort you get from your pair of Dochaa
  • Dochaa shoes are tailored in various designs to best fit your style. You can choose from the various designs that are handmade to best fit you and make it your style statement.


Dochaa shoes will stylishly stand the test of time and the value of money, no doubt.


The name 'DOCHAA' means the 'first type of shoes made by the indigenous people in the Indo-Tibetan belt'.


The materials used in Dochaa shoes are Dhaka fabric from Eastern Nepal, Syama fabric which is cotton with different colors and linings from Tamang indigenous communities in Nepal.

Lawa fabric which is cotton wool threading popular in Newar indigenous community in Nepal. You will find all of these beautiful combinations of fabrics and traditional designs in Dochaa shoes sculpted with the utmost care and superlative craftsmanship with bare hands from local artisans in Nepal that today you can be a part of with your very own pair of Dochaa shoes, from Yalagarden.


Based in Nepal, Dochaa is a brand committed to creating products that meet global quality standards. A perfect blend of tradition and modernity, Dochaa is committed to looking into the aspect of ethical manufacturing and community empowerment to reflect the effort invested by local artisans on the product. The skilled craftsmen and craftswomen from marginalized communities and poor economic family backgrounds have found a platform to showcase their skills and be a part of the modern culture with Dochaa. 70% of the craftsperson in Dochaa are women. Dochaa shoes focus on narratives from different ethnic communities in Nepal (majorly the indigenous groups) and have made traditional touch the main theme of their product. 

The designs of Dochaa shoes are traditionally named. There is “Buna Docha '' buna in Nepali means woven and these Dochaa shoes are woven out of Dhaka fabric which is the oldest Nepali fabric widely used for traditional and contemporary clothing designs.

Similarly, there is “Mang Docha'', where the word mang is derived from Ta-mang where ta means a horse and mang means the rider. Mang Dochaa is crafted with Syama fabric.

And there's “Nakha Dochaa'' woven out of "lawa" fabric, where Nakha means festival in the Newari language.


At Yalagarden, we believe in selling and promoting Fairtrade products like Dochaa shoes that help ensure that the artisans bringing smiles to your faces are smiling too.


It is for us to check if the brands we are buying from or the products that we use, pay the people in developing countries that make them, enough to sustain a basic lifestyle and they're able to afford daily essentials like food and clothing, are able to develop skills and work in favorable working conditions, like Dochaa shoes. 

Yalagarden is exhilarated to bring you Dochaa shoes because, like us, Dochaa believes in authenticity and empowerment. Dochaa values the authenticity of culture and indigeneity reflected in the craftsmanship of creations and aims to amplify the narratives of communities whose stories remain unheard. They are enterprising with every creation. A blend of tradition, art, and modernity to help one embody their identity.

Get you a pair of Dochaa shoes from Yalagarden TODAY!


We have also partnered with Klarna, making it easy for you to buy now and pay later. Klarna option available at Checkout.

Pre-Order today and get 38% off. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Are your shoes handmade?

A: Yes, Dochaa are handmade by the artisans from Nepal.

Q: Are Dochaa made from leather?

A: No, they are made from local cultural fabrics where no animal cruelty is involved. 

Q: What shoe size are available?

A: Dochaa Shoes are unisex, the shoe size are available from Women 4 - 12 and Men 6 - 12.

Q: Is there any offer or discount?

A: For a limited time, we have an introductory pre-order discount of $50.

Q: Is there a payment plan?

A: Yes, we have Klarna as checkout option, where you will only pay about $25 upfront.

Q: What are the shipping times?

A: Right now, Dochaa shoes are available for Pre-Order. They will be available some time after March 20. The Shipping time is 3-5 business days.

Q: What is fairtrade?

A: Dochaa Shoes are fairtrade products, which means that the artisans are paid a livable and sustainable wage to make the shoes.

Q: I have further questions, where I do ask them?

A: We will gladly answer all questions and queries, send us an email at or click on the messenger button on the website. 


Shipping and Returns

Dochaa Shoes are Exclusively available up for Pre-Order at in the US Market. The Pre-Order sale is till March 20. Orders start shipping after March 20 with ordering processing time of 2-3 business days and shipping time of 3-5 business days. We ship via UPS and USPS. 


All Dochaa comes with FREE SHIPPING


We offer free returns if the product doesn't match your expectation. The return must be initiated 15 days of purchase. Contact for refunds and returns. 


Style with Dochaa

Use our Hashtags to be featured. #StylewithDochaa



To revive the dying art forms, and empower women by creating sustainable job opportunities.


To get cultural art internationally recognized, and give back to the community directly.


“What is Yala?”

In Newari (a beautiful Nepalese culture), Yala translates to “I love it!”  

And that’s what we are at the core, an abundance of love - for the work we do, the cultural legacy we’ve inherited, and the brave women of Nepal.

Beautifying your lives; Transforming some….

Going back to the start, Yala was only a simple idea. We saw these dedicated women working with an unmissable spark in their eyes.  They produced gorgeous handmade crafts. These masterpieces, however, barely saw any light outside the local markets.

Something was wrong. We knew we had to make it right.

The idea had started manifesting itself into some shape of reality.

One step after another and Yala now serves as a voice of these astoundingly skilled artisans. It is now a dream to get these voices heard by as many as possible. It is a vision to empower and uplift these lives while adding little beautiful things in yours.

"We are not just three young minds who dreamed to drive a change- We are a community."

Yala is not just about a few people working behind computer screens and big machines. We are a passionate community, and we never run out of energy.

We see that Nepal’s diversity extends beyond its natural and cultural resources. It’s a heritage rich in skills and traditions. With modernization, it’s as if we’ve forgotten the beauty of raw fabrics, intricate stitches, and authentic practices.  We, as a community, aim to preserve and promote that to a broader audience.

Quality. Uniqueness. Artistry.

All our products are handmade, eco-friendly, and unique. The designs are authentic and original, making each product one of a kind. With a rare blend of traditional and modern styles, they can add a pop to any lifestyle. The craftswomen behind them are artisans who've been practicing their skills for years. The materials are of high quality and international standards. Thus, Yala crafts ensure not only good aesthetics but quality too.

"How are we helping the community?"

Many rural communities in Nepal are backward in terms of development, some deprived of even the basic needs. Yala helps these communities by providing sufficient employment opportunities. As Yala grows, we aim to forward portions of the proceeds directly to them.

By educating them and by building a good working environment, we are trying to help the children and women reach their maximum potential.

There is immense happiness in their eyes when they see a happy customer, or even when they see their products online. That joy is more than enough for us to come back and work harder to make their lives better. We're trying to bridge all gaps between these communities. We want to empower them so they can build a happy world of their own, the one they truly deserve.

Call us crazy, but we are just working towards building a better future- the one where women are powerful, communities are capable, and dreams of everyone are achievable.  Are you with us?

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