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Grey Reindeers Woolen Hoodie Jacket

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Our handwoven hoodie is made from the highest quality wool, with soft but durable construction and features a warm lining. If youre looking for something simple but stylish, this grey patterns hoodie is it! The hood offers an extra layer of warmth for those chilly days and nights. Our hoodies are made with love, warmth and creativity. Our unique patterns make our products unique, so no two are quite alike.
Get yourself a stylish warm hoodie and make your style statement a sustainable one!

• Material: Wool, inside warm fleece
• Colour: Grey, black and white
• Durable and beautiful design.
• Environment friendly.
• Handmade in Nepal.

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Size & Fit

Available in sizes; S, M


• To make your woolens last longer, only wash them when necessary.
• Spot-clean small stains by blotting with water and mild soap and remove pilled fabric, lint, and pet hair with a fuzz remover.
• Never hang wool on clothes hangers.
• Hand wash only.
• To wash, turn the garment inside-out, submerge it, and allow the soap to penetrate the fibers.
• Store wool garments in an airtight plastic bin for long-term storage.
• Do not rub the fabric together or let it soak for longer than 10 minutes.
• Avoid harsh cleaning to keep the patterns intact.
• Do not use hot iron or use bleach.

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