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Incense- Krishna Rope Tube

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The smoke that is created from this incense helps to connect with Krishna and is perfect for daily use, when you are in need of nurturing and comfort or require help with romantic love. These incense are handmade following Buddhist techniques. Natural herbs, plants, leaves and tree barks like valerian, liquorice and others are blended to create this beautiful incense.
The aroma is herbal, restrained, bitter, and in some cases, sweet. Well suited for both home use and outdoor use.

• Krishna Rope Incense in rectangular Lokta Paper Tube
• Contains 8 Natural Coloured Rope (Dhupaya) Incenses (each one approx 9cm long)- Burn time is approximately 30 mins per rope.
• Comes with one Incense Burner

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Size & Fit

Length: 9cm long approx.


• Place your burning stick away from curtains, lampshades and all those objects that could catch fire easily.
• Make sure that you have a ventilated area.
• Never leave the burning incense stick or incense cone unattended.
• Keep it away from children.
• Make sure you’re not allergic to fragrances .

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