Yala Hemp Indoor/Outdoor Flip flops - Yala Garden
Yala Hemp Indoor/Outdoor Flip flops - Yala Garden
Yala Hemp Indoor/Outdoor Flip flops - Yala Garden
Yala Hemp Indoor/Outdoor Flip flops - Yala Garden
Yala Hemp Indoor/Outdoor Flip flops - Yala Garden
Yala Garden

Yala Hemp Indoor/Outdoor Flip flops

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Be aware of your footprint!
In an era where human activities have impacted the environment in a drastic way, we need to be aware of our footprint, carbon footprint.

Hemp is a multipurpose Fibre that has been used for more than 3000 years, throughout South Asia, Africa, and South America. Hemp has developed as a sustainable alternative to everyday other fabric because Hemp is naturally available and every part of the plant can be used to make objects ranging from clothes, accessories to the entire construction.

Walk-in style with the Yala Hemp slippers without worrying how harsh you are on the environment.

Our handmade slippers are made to be durable and have a high-quality finish. 100% pure Hemp is used with 0% THC. The skilled craftswomen of Nepal have made sure that the slippers are easy to wear while lasting a good time.

Wear it to the supermarket, wear it to the beach, make it your style statement.

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To revive the dying art forms, and empower women by creating sustainable job opportunities.


To get cultural art internationally recognized, and give back to the community directly.


“What is Yala?”

In Newari (a beautiful Nepalese culture), Yala translates to “I love it!”  

And that’s what we are at the core, an abundance of love - for the work we do, the cultural legacy we’ve inherited, and the brave women of Nepal.

Beautifying your lives; Transforming some….

Going back to the start, Yala was only a simple idea. We saw these dedicated women working with an unmissable spark in their eyes.  They produced gorgeous handmade crafts. These masterpieces, however, barely saw any light outside the local markets.

Something was wrong. We knew we had to make it right.

The idea had started manifesting itself into some shape of reality.

One step after another and Yala now serves as a voice of these astoundingly skilled artisans. It is now a dream to get these voices heard by as many as possible. It is a vision to empower and uplift these lives while adding little beautiful things in yours.

"We are not just three young minds who dreamed to drive a change- We are a community."

Yala is not just about a few people working behind computer screens and big machines. We are a passionate community, and we never run out of energy.

We see that Nepal’s diversity extends beyond its natural and cultural resources. It’s a heritage rich in skills and traditions. With modernization, it’s as if we’ve forgotten the beauty of raw fabrics, intricate stitches, and authentic practices.  We, as a community, aim to preserve and promote that to a broader audience.

Quality. Uniqueness. Artistry.

All our products are handmade, eco-friendly, and unique. The designs are authentic and original, making each product one of a kind. With a rare blend of traditional and modern styles, they can add a pop to any lifestyle. The craftswomen behind them are artisans who've been practicing their skills for years. The materials are of high quality and international standards. Thus, Yala crafts ensure not only good aesthetics but quality too.

"How are we helping the community?"

Many rural communities in Nepal are backward in terms of development, some deprived of even the basic needs. Yala helps these communities by providing sufficient employment opportunities. As Yala grows, we aim to forward portions of the proceeds directly to them.

By educating them and by building a good working environment, we are trying to help the children and women reach their maximum potential.

There is immense happiness in their eyes when they see a happy customer, or even when they see their products online. That joy is more than enough for us to come back and work harder to make their lives better. We're trying to bridge all gaps between these communities. We want to empower them so they can build a happy world of their own, the one they truly deserve.

Call us crazy, but we are just working towards building a better future- the one where women are powerful, communities are capable, and dreams of everyone are achievable.  Are you with us?

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