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Yala Garden is a platform for artistic Nepalese products to reach the global market.

In Nepal bhasa, Yala means “I love it!”

And that’s what we are at the core, an abundance of love - for the work we do, our culture, and the talented artists of Nepal. Yala was once just an idea where we saw the potential in Nepalese handmade products.

These masterpieces, designed with great craftsmanship, barely saw any light outside the local markets. And we wanted to change that, which is why today we have our Yala Garden.


Each product has its beauty and significance along with the effort and culture of the Artisan. Every product we sell has been thoughtfully designed with great craftsmanship.

Great quality, good aesthetics and gorgeous products!

Our mission is to export sustainable and handmade products from Nepal to the US to promote local brands and provide an international platform for traditional Nepali products.

Our aim is to grow in terms of bringing traditional and handmade skillset to the international market in a sustainable way where customers can enjoy similar products and support local craftsmen in Nepal by giving them direct access to the international market.

Our three main pillars are authenticity towards our culture, empowerment of our artisans and commitment to our customers.


From Nepal to the World.

The idea of Yala was born back in Nepal when we saw young and talented artisans not being able to sell their Handicrafts in the global market due to several reasons. This encouraged us to do something that would be meaningful to people and sustainable in itself.

Nepal is very rich in art and talented artisans so we thought of bringing those Nepali Handicraft products here to the US and selling them.

Adding the benefit of eco-friendly and sustainability along with being exquisite Nepali handicrafts, we thought that the US market would love it!


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