Where style meets sustainability

Yala Garden is a platform for artistic Nepalese products to reach the global market. Our designs are one of a kind and authentic with a rare blend of traditional and modern styles. We use materials of the finest quality meeting international standards to bring you the best products in terms of sustainability.

Handpicked handmade products brought to you with utmost care.

We are proud of our fairtrade products that are handmade, eco-friendly, and unique from Nepal.

In Nepali language, Yala means “I love it!” And that’s what we are at the core, an abundance of love - for the work we do, our culture, and the talented artists of Nepal.

Yala was once just an idea where we saw the potential in Nepalese handmade products. These masterpieces, designed with great craftsmanship, barely saw any light outside the local markets. And we wanted to change that, which is why today we have our Yala Garden.

Our Mission

Our mission is to export sustainable and handmade products from Nepal to the US to promote local brands and provide an international platform for traditional Nepali products.

Our Vision

Our aim is to grow in terms of bringing traditional and handmade skillset to the international market in a sustainable way where customers can enjoy similar products and support local craftsmen in Nepal by giving them direct access to the international market.

Our Values

Our three main pillars are authenticity towards culture, empowerment of our artisans and commitment to our customers.

At Yala Garden, we are planting seeds for a sustainable future

We want a future where sustainable choices are a way of life. We care about our people and our planet. We are not just a company, but a community of conscious consumers. From Nepal to the world.

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