Sizing Chart - Men

Hello Guys, 

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“Men will be Men.” 

What we mean is the physical built up has been a part of the evolution process where we had to adapt for strength, agility and “size”. 

We have usually huge torsos with tapered lower. 

However, that does not apply for all. We do have all the variations we can imagine.

Here we have set up a quick and detailed guide to help you clear the fog and find sizes that suit you. 

So, to determine the clothing size you need to first take measurements of the following areas: 

    1. Chest: Stand straight and stretch your arms. Wrap with tape and measure the distance around your shoulder blades. 
    2. Neck: Measure around the base of your neck. Put a finger or two for comfort. 
    3. Waist: Place the tape measure around the narrowest part of your waist, usually around your belly button or a little above it.
    4. Hip: Measure around your fullest part when standing with two heels together. 
  • Sleeve Length:  Measure the sleeve length from:  
    1. i) the tip of your longest finger to end of your shoulder.
    2. ii) start of your palm/wrist to end of your shoulder. 
      1. Height/Legs:  Stand Against the wall and measure from toe without any footwear
  • Shoes: You can easily measure the shoe’s size by placing your foot on a piece of paper and measuring the distance between the highest point of toe and lowest part of the heel.
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    Men’s Clothing Size Chart (Standard)

    We know guys are often comfortable with what they wear without concern to the fit or looks. However, there sure are days when you could have dressed a little better for those positive impressions. 


    All Sizes are unique and perfect in their own way so it may not always be easy to find the right size as they are built as per the fixed patterns. However, you can get accurate with experience and some help. 


    Also, there is always the option to tailor it to your needs. Fit Does Matter. 


    Once you’re done with the measurements, you’re ready to find that perfect outfit, find what you’re looking for at Yala Handmade Products.