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Our Nepali market is very creative and colorful. The options, details, and beauty of every single product are something that we wanted to share with the world. Every single stitch, every stroke, and every stripe has a story to tell.

Meraki Nepal

Maya Handicrafts

Stupa Incense

Himalayan Bowls

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If you own a handmade product, it is truly one in a million.

There's an indescribable amount of effort invested in making a single handmade product. It takes years of practice and months of hard work to finish and the specialty of handmade products is that every product is unique. Every carve, every curve is meticulously planned so no two products can ever be the same.

Our vendors like Satya Nepal promote the use of natural fabrics. They specialize in producing garments, bags, and other wearables from natural fibers like Hemp cotton. Every product in Satya Nepal is handmade right from the start to finish. Hemp cotton is handmade, the products are handmade and even the packaging is handmade by the local people in their area. They employ local women to create all their products.


Handcrafted with passion love and care

Our designs are authentic with a rare blend of traditional and modern styles. These masterpieces, designed with great craftsmanship, barely saw any light outside the local markets. And we wanted to change that, which is why today we have our Yala Garden.

Supporting a local business for once can be easy, but staying true to a lifestyle change to support local artists, use ethical products, and promote a sustainable lifestyle is the real challenge.