Explore the Healing Energy of Singing Bowls

Explore the Healing Energy of Singing Bowls

Beautifully carved singing bowl handcrafted by artisans from Nepal and handpicked by Yala to bring you the best. These singing bowls have been widely used for yoga, music therapy, and sound healing.  

Our products are sustainable, handmade, and fair trade and we respect our people and our planet.

Here are a few things we want you to know about the Singing Bowls at Yala Garden. 

Therapeutic use

Singing bowls are therapeutic. It allows deep relaxation of the brain, stimulates stress relief, and helps in the elimination of toxins from the body after which emotions are calm and the mind clearer.

Historical significance

Sound waves have a strong influence on the positive mental and spiritual wellness of the listener. According to sources, this wisdom is believed to be known and used by Buddhists some 2500 years ago, claiming that a frequency of 432 Hz works in the Heart Chakra, where compassion, love, warmth, and joy are believed to be residing. 

Design element

Singing bowls are made from alloys that contain five to seven precious metals, which are connected to the planets of our galaxy. Lead (Saturn), tin (Jupiter), iron (Mars), copper (Venus), mercury (Mercury), silver (the Moon), and gold (the Sun). The size of the bowl and the ratio between the metals affects the tone, vibration, and quality of sound produced by the bowl. These bowls are different in shape and look according to their use in sound therapy. 

Sound is undoubtedly one of the most powerful energy, as it can take the human spirit to different states of consciousness.
Why not invest in something that will help you relax, rejuvenate, concentrate, clear your chakraks, improve confidence, and help you experience pure bliss? 

How does a Singing bowl work? 

Also known as Tibetan bowls or Himalayan bowls, Buddhist monks have long used Singing bowls in meditation practice. It vibrates and produces a rich, deep tone when played and offers powerful healing properties. 

To create sound with a singing bowl, press the mallet in a circular motion against the bowl's outside edge or rim. When you hear a clear tone, you can slow down the motion. Use your full arm to make the motion instead of just rotating your wrist.  You can also make the same circular motion against the outside belly of the bowl or gently strike the bowl before beginning the circular motions.

When buying a singing bowl, the size of the bowl is a factor to consider. Smaller to medium-sized bowls are more appropriate for beginners, while larger singing bowls are better suited if you are an advanced user. 

Singing bowls play a significant role in keeping negative energies away by creating a harmonious sound that gives a calming effect to the atmosphere which attracts good fortune and luck in your life. It balances energy and helps in clearing any chaotic space, making it more light and positive. Invest in a beautiful, handmade Singing bowl from Yala Garden today!