Sizing Chart - Women

Do you have trouble finding the right size?

Or do you worry if your online order won’t fit you?

You are not alone.

Women sizes are indeed far more diverse than that for men and children.

And that’s what makes you special. 

Don't worry we have set up a quick and detailed guide to help women find and convert clothing sizes, quickly. 

So, to determine the clothing size you need to first take measurements of following areas: 

  1. Chest: Stand straight and stretch your arms. Wrap with tape and measure the distance. 
  2. Waist: Place the tape measure around the narrowest part of your waist, usually around your belly button or a little above it.
  3. First Hip/Low Waist: Find the point between your hip and your waist and place the tape measure around it.
  4. Hips/Second Hip: Following the guide for chest measurement, make sure the tape measure is wrapped around the widest area of your hip. 
  5. Height: Didn’t we all try it against the wall? Measure all the way from head to toe without any footwear on.

We also have a wide range of handmade shoes in the Yala Garden collection. If you want to measure the shoe’s size then you can place your foot on a piece of paper and  measure the distance between the highest point of toe and lowest part of the heel.

Sizing Chart Women

Women’s Clothing Size Chart (Standard)

      Sizing Chart Yala Garden Women


Did You Know? In recent days brands provide vanity sizes where ready to wear clothing become larger in size after use to make the user feel skinnier

Each body is built in its own unique way, so it is not easy to always find the right size for a women. However, you can get accurate with experience and some help. 

Once you’re done with the measurements, you’re ready to find that perfect outfit, find what you’re looking for at Yala.