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Mantra Singing Bowl (S)

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Our Mantra Singing Bowl with Om Ma Ne Padme Hum etching is perfect for you if you want to experience the magic of a singing bowl. Singing bowls promote a relaxed state for deep meditation, creative thinking and intuitive messages. This bowl set comes with a cushion and a mallet. It is compact and can easily travel with you everywhere you go.
Singing Bowls create a rich, deep tone by vibrating when played with the mallet. The vibration and sound have spiritual and healing properties which strengthen the immune system and reduce stress. It also helps to recover after illness, traumas and invasive medical treatments
So if you're looking for changes in old patterns of behaviours, habits and thinking by connecting with your higher self, get yourself a singing bowl today!

• Comes with a handmade cushion and mallet.
• Handmade in Nepal.

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Size & Fit

Size: Small

Diameter- 4.5 inches
Height- 2.5 inches


• Keep it away from dust or clean the surface regularly.
• You can also hand wash it with dishwashing gel.
• Spraying with lacquer is the way to keep brass from tarnishing quickly.
• Avoid harsh cleaning to keep the paint and patterns intact.

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