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12 Reasons Why Handmade Products are the Best!

Handmade products are all the hype in today's changing market!! 

And why wouldn't it be? 

Because handmade products are not only unique but they carry with it the story of makers. 

Today we breakdown why handmade products are being popular and why you should get hands on one. 

  1. We love and value creativity: Crafts work and handmade products are a work of art. They are the creative expression of human thoughts and emotions. The designs and the details reflect the creativity put into the product, and as humans, we love things that are different, creative things. 

  2. Handmade Items are Crafted in an Environment of Joy, Honor, and Respect: Mass manufacturing happens in bulk through machines or people working at different stations doing repetitive tasks. Handmade items, on the other hand, are created by individuals in an environment of joy, honor, and respect. People value the craft and appreciate the hard work and dedication towards the product.

  3. A Handmade Item is One of a Kind: Each handmade product is unique. It's one of a kind collection where one item differs from other even with same styles and patterns. You can never duplicate a handmade item. 

  4. Everything Made with Love is Beautiful: Crafted with Care is what we like to portray through Yala products and essentially all handmade products are made with love for the craft and product itself. This love can be felt in the products. 

  5. Handcrafted Products Are Green: Yes, handmade products are also eco-friendly. Usually made from natural fabric and crafted by hand without any complex types of machinery the carbon emissions are minimal. Moreover, they are durable and can be reused, unlike the use of other fabrics. 

  6. Handcrafted Products foster the Job Market: Individuals or small businesses usually manufacture handmade products. A lot of capable individuals get employed, which is good for the job market. Getting the craft recognized for its value and promoting the women who practice it has been one of the main goals of Yala.

  7. Handcrafted Products Are More Valuable: All the effort, love and care put into handcrafted products plus the story and positive impact on the environment makes handmade products more valuable than your normal products.

  8. Handcrafted Products Are Also Just Better: Made with care, and years of skills, each handmade products are better: in terms of build quality and durability.

  9. Handcrafted Products Make You Feel Good About Your Purchases: You don't just buy the handmade products for the style and uniqueness. You buy it for the story and the effort of the talented crafters. By buying a handmade product, you feel good as you are making a great product choice as well as giving back to the communities.

  10. Handcrafted Products Help Communities: How? By preserving the art and culture and promoting the artists who practice it. At Yala, we aim to give back directly to the community by transferring the portion of profit to educate the children and uplifting the economic standard of women.

  11.  Handcrafted Products Can Meet Your Needs Better: Handmade products mean fully customized products. What designs do you want? What are your requirements? You can be clear about that, and crafters can create a product as you wish. 

  12. Handcrafted Products Are Easier to Buy and More Popular Than Ever: People have recently shifted the attention to handmade products for all the good things it brings with it and now many companies are promoting handcrafted products. It has become easier than ever to get yourself a handmade product. 

Do you have one for you already? If not, you won't want to miss out. 

Let your friends and family enjoy the luxury as well. 

Gifting someone a handmade product instead of mass-produced is more like writing a letter in the generation of instant messages.

At Yala, we have a complete collection of handmade products, made up of different fabrics and crafted with love.

Visit our store to get handmade products made in Nepal.