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The Yala Story

Many have asked us what does Yala Mean? They think it’s cool but we think it can get cooler. 

As we like to put it, we are an eco-friendly brand with handmade products. Our products are crafted with care in Nepal by skilled women who love their work. The world “Yala” literally translates to I love it in Newari (a rich culture from Nepal) and we want anyone who uses our product to feel the love and richness of details. 

The Yala story starts with women in Nepal, but we want the rich art and wonderful stories of those women to spread out and gain the appreciation and exposure it deserves. We believe Yala will find places in the heart of those who find happiness in little things, appreciate the struggles of every day, want to have a unique voice and have an affection to the environment. 

The products are made in Nepal which has its own market. But, we realized there are many people in the US who are conscious about their style choices, it’s natural impact as well as preference towards hand made products. Thus, we ship the products here in the US, where we have a complete inventory. 

We offer a wide range of products, made from fabrics like Hemp, Wool, Felted Wool. Yala Products caters to the daily essentials as well as serves as souvenirs, gifts or decoration items. The prices are reasonable and would be a good choice for any customers. The products are useful, stylish, eco-friendly, sustainable and affordable. 

Do Check out our complete collection of stylish and sustainable handmade products; There is definitely a product you can’t help but fall in love with. 

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